Our People

Our People




Estee was a Peace Corps volunteer in Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay from 2011-14. She saw that kids were not at all apathetic like grown-ups said. They were passionate, driven, and eager for positive change in their communities. While getting her MBA at the University of Washington, she received a grant for the pilot program to teach life skills and empowerment to 1200+ students. The Zero Violencia pilot program in 2016 exceeded all expectations, so in January of 2018, she returned to Paraguay to spearhead the launch of The Superkids Foundation.



Executive Director

Ali is a psychologist and radio host. She loves puppies and traveling, and her dream is to improve education in Paraguay.




Director of Operations

Tatiana’s biggest dream is to achieve big changes in society by working children.




Senior Counselor

Alma is a first-year law student who loves reading and laughing verryyyyy hard!




Senior Counselor

Arthuro is an architecture student who loves signing and playing games with others.




Junior Counselor

Sannie is a high school junior who dances and loves math and hugs!




Junior Counselor

Steffany is a high school senior studying science. She loves sports and games!




Junior Counselor

Luis is a high school student studying healthcare. He loves kids and loves learning their stories!




Junior Counselor

Dalma is a psychology student who loves making others laugh.




Junior Counselor

Ximena is a fourteen-year-old high school student who loves singing in the shower.




Junior Counselor

Majo is a commercial engineering student who loves singing and working with children.




Junior Counselor

Natalia is studying to be a teacher! She loves dancing and having fun with kids.



Super-Mission Board

We could not do this amazing work without the help of our Board. These 10 visionary experts are working hard in the US on Superkids’ behalf. They meet regularly with Estee and our Paraguayan advisory boards (both children and adults) to make sure we are always doing the best work possible.

Angelique Metta 

Angelique is a Waldorf first grade teacher in Honolulu. She was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Coronel Oviedo 2009-2012 and has been president of the Board of the Superkids Foundation since its conception in 2016. She loves everything outside, hiking, camping, and the beach. She also loves her dog, playing Scrabble and chocolate peppermint stick Luna bars.


Audrey Wierda

Audrey Wierda was a bright eyed Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay from 2016 to 2018. During those two years, she stumbled across an impactful organization: Superkids Foundation. When she was volunteering with them, she was asked to further support the organization as a board member and she was delighted to say, “yes!” Currently, Audrey is teaching Catering in Colorado with the hope to teach abroad after she earn’s her teaching certification. While doing all of this, she is working on an organic farm and aspiring to become a sharp-shooting Annie Oakley!


Brock Hurston

Brock lives in Boston where he works for Tenacity, a non-profit that promotes literacy and wellness in Boston Public Schools. He loves reading, tennis, coffee, and playing with his Paraguayan cat Gully.


Claire Stiglmeier

Claire, the chair of the Growth and Development Committee, has a unique connection to Paraguay- she was born there! Claire grew up in New York, but returned to Paraguay in 2011, where she served as an Education and Youth Development Peace Corps Volunteer for three years. After Peace Corps, she stayed in Paraguay for four more years, teaching at the International School of Asunción. She currently lives in New York, where she recently finished her master’s degree in International Education Development at Columbia University Teachers College.


Felicia Palmer

Felicia is an adoptee from Paraguay. She is excited to be working along side others who share the same passion to make a change in the lives of children in Paraguay. Felicia lives in Connecticut and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst working with children with autism.


Laura Figueroa

Laura is a former Peace Corps Paraguay volunteer and current law student. She loves visiting new places, running, and cuddling on the couch with a glass of wine.


Meagan Terry

Meagan is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Paraguay, where she served as an Agricultural Extension Volunteer in the department of Caaguazu during 2012-2014. She lives in Houston now and teaches at-risk youth about horticulture and how to start and maintain vegetable gardens. Meagan loves hatha yoga, bike rides, traveling to new places, cooking vegetarian dishes, and hiking.


Mel Witman

Mel is part of the administrative team at a social work nonprofit and will be a Social Impact MBA student at Brandeis University starting August 2019. She enjoys gardening, live music, and playing rugby and soccer.


Sylvie Reydams

Sylvie is a former K-2 Spanish teacher and middle school English teacher. She lived three amazing years in Paraguay as a Community Economic Development Peace Corps Volunteer working with youth groups, women’s groups, and with teachers on dynamic instruction. She currently lives and works in New Orleans with her Paraguayan pup Tái. Sylvie dances like no one is watching, is constantly thinking of her next costume for Halloween and Mardi Gras, and is planning on one day attending each of the 400 festivals Louisiana has to offer!


Tess Duffy 

Tess served as a Peace Corps Agriculture Volunteer in Paraguay from 2010-2012, and returned to work as a Technical Trainer in 2016. Although she studied economics and agricultural development in school, working in Paraguay helped her understand how critical education is to ending systemic poverty. Tess earned her teaching license and currently teaches 4th grade at a bilingual school in Denver, Colorado. She has experience in program evaluation, curriculum development, and facilitation and training, and is a two-time winner of an ice cream eating contest. Tess is so excited to be a part of the Superkids team!


Superkid Logo

Kid Quotes

“I’m a SuperKid.  I’m going to change the world when I grow up.  Maybe I’ll be president… or mayor!”

– Jhonny, age 10, Superkid