Believe in the Power of Kids

In the heart of Latin America, kids don’t get access to a consistent education.

Our Kid Teachers are taking steps to change that. 

Less than 30% of sixth-graders in the heart of Latin America can understand a paragraph in the newspaper.

And it’s no wonder. Teacher-student ratios in Paraguay are so high that children take turns fitting into the classroom. Reform is needed, but in the meantime, kids fall through the cracks.

Mobilizing kids as everyday heroes.

We empower kids to be there for other kids.



In 2020, our 100+ Kid Teachers aim to spend 7,000+ hours teaching first-graders how to read.


Life Skills

We help our kids practice skills like empathy, teamwork, and conflict resolution.



Our Superkids become powerful activists. They have presented on children’s issues on the radio and in the Senate.

COVID-19 Changes

The Superkids team continues to adapt to Covid-19 health standards in Paraguay, but that doesn’t mean that we give up on having a close connection with all of our Superkids. We have an initiative called “Connected to Change,” where we make video calls and offer motivational support so our children continue with the same drive in t heir virtual school activities.

We are also keeping our Superkids engaged through the filming of our very first television program, Mita’i! Our children are so excited to be the stars of our show, and participate safely in recording theatrical scenes that will be seen in our program debuting across the country soon!

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You can be a hero, too!