Mobilizing Children as Everyday Heroes

Our Mission: to mobilize children as agents of change in their communities.

TembiaporãÑemongu’e mitãnguerape omo ambue hagua itava iporãva rape.

MisiónNuestra Misión es motivar a los niños a ser agentes de cambio en sus comunidades.


Our Vision a world where children and adults work together to transform their communities through creative and powerful solutions.

We teach powerful programs of literacy, life skills, and leadership to empower children as heroes in their daily lives.


Techarã:  Ñemopu’a arapy mitã ha kakuaa ikatutahape omba´apo oñondivekuera ombohapé hagua itava mba´e katupyru rúpive.



Visión:  Nuestra Visión es un mundo donde los niños y adultos trabajan juntos para transformar sus comunidades a través de soluciones creativas y poderosas.

Enseñamos programas poderosos de lectura, liderazgo y educación integral para empoderar a los niños a ser superhéroes en su vida diaria.

Every child should learn to read. Every child should have the opportunity to be a leader. Every child should believe that they can succeed.

 Our Guiding Values - Kuaita - Valores


Our children know our values by heart. We paint them on the walls of schools. We discuss what they mean and how they apply to their lives. They are our language and spirit, and were developed to articulate how we set the bar for others in Paraguay.



Be Yourself

Nde añete

Se Tu Mismo

We are confident and transparent in our trajectory of growth.

Get Passionate



 We hire role models who inspire their teams to get up in the morning.

Details Matter

Sa´ikueva mba´e guasu

Los Detalles Importan

We take our responsibility seriously, arriving on time and doing what we say we will do.


Fail Forward

Nderembiapope tenonde gotyo

Fracasar Hacia Adelante

We test innovative methods - it's how we get better at what we do.

Believe in the Power of Children

Ejerovia mitãnguera katupyryre

Creer en el Poder de los Niños

We care what the children think and include them in the process.

You can be a hero, too!

  If you have a few dollars to spare, you can gift a child the opportunity to become a leader.



Little girl eating ribs

Fact in a box

Paraguay is in the Guinness Book of Records of world records for having the largest barbecue in the world with more than 30,000 people.