Our People

Our People




Estee was a Peace Corps volunteer in Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay from 2011-14. She saw that kids were not at all apathetic like grown-ups said. They were passionate, driven, and eager for positive change in their communities. While getting her MBA at the University of Washington, she received a grant for the pilot program to teach life skills and empowerment to 1200+ students. The Zero Violencia pilot program in 2016 exceeded all expectations, so in January of 2018, she returned to Paraguay to spearhead the launch of The Superkids Foundation.



Executive Director

Ali is a psychologist and radio host. She loves puppies and traveling, and her dream is to improve education in Paraguay.




Director of Operations

Tatiana’s biggest dream is to achieve big changes in society by working children.




Senior Counselor

Alma is a first-year law student who loves reading and laughing verryyyyy hard!




Senior Counselor

Arthuro is an architecture student who loves signing and playing games with others.




Junior Counselor

Sannie is a high school junior who dances and loves math and hugs!




Junior Counselor

Steffany is a high school senior studying science. She loves sports and games!




Junior Counselor

Luis is a high school student studying healthcare. He loves kids and loves learning their stories!




Junior Counselor

Dalma is a psychology student who loves making others laugh.




Junior Counselor

Ximena is a fourteen-year-old high school student who loves singing in the shower.




Junior Counselor

Majo is a commercial engineering student who loves singing and working with children.




Junior Counselor

Natalia is studying to be a teacher! She loves dancing and having fun with kids.



Super-Mission Board

We could not do this amazing work without the help of our Board. These visionary experts are working hard in the US and around the globe on Superkids’ behalf. They meet regularly with Estee and our Paraguayan advisory boards (both children and adults) to make sure we are always doing the best work possible.

Senior Board Members

Brock Hurston

Brock is an RPCV who returned from Paraguay and got married in 2019. He is currently living in New York and working for a non-profit that uses tennis as a tool for leadership and literacy, working as a tennis coach in high schools.


Claire Stiglmeier

Claire, is the head of the Growth and Development committee and a Paraguayan adoptee. She served as an Education and Youth Development volunteer in Paraguay from 2011-2013, then stayed in PY for 4 more years as a teacher at the International School of Asunción. Claire recently graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with a degree in International Education Development. She currently lives in NYC and coordinates educational services for child migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the Bronx. She also leads tours back to Paraguay for adult adoptees and the people they love.



Laura Figueroa

Laura is a Returned Peace Corps Paraguay Volunteer and Vice President of the 2020 Board of Directors. She served as a a Community Economic Development Specialist in Coronel Oviedo for two years. She is currently attending NYU School of Law and is preparing for a career in public service.



Mel Whitman

Mel is a Returned Peace Corps Paraguay Volunteer (2015-2017), and is on the Growth and Development Committee. She is currently studying a Social Impact MBA at Brandeis University, and has a background working in social work and public health. She enjoys sports and live music


Tess Duffy 

Tess is a Returned Peace Corps Paraguay Volunteer (2010-2012), and part of the Marketing Committee. Her background is in agriculture, applied economics, and statistics…so naturally she is a fourth grade teacher at a bilingual school in Denver.


New Board Members for 2020

Sam Broner

Sam graduated with a computer science degree from Tufts University in 2016. He has been a team leader, tutor and teacher throughout his work history and is currently a PrepCorps tutor. In his current job as a Microsoft software engineer in WA he has led teams on groundbreaking projects in trainings, collaborations and on-boarding programs, and he is applying to MBA programs for this year.


Corey Creedon

Corey is an RPCV from Oviedo 2012-2014 and then worked with the WWF in Asunción for a year. Since then he has worked for a series of environmental conservation organizations and gotten a Master’s in Environmental Management from Yale and is currently working for the EPA in DC. His grossest sandwich has clam fudge, mayo, ketchup and sardines.


Jen Cuculich

Jen is a lawyer by training who got a teaching degree at night while working as a lawyer because of her passion for education. She worked in inner city schools as a teacher and curriculum developer before she, her PYan husband and their 3 young kids moved to Asunción last year. She brings her drive and grant-writing experience to our Growth and Development Team. 


Candace Fuller-Malfoy

Candace has lived and worked all over the world in everything from marketing and PR to investor relations and business development. Alongside her work she volunteered for social causes from refugees to the homeless. She is currently living in Asunción with her husband and daughter and doing international business development for Binary.com and brings that branding and digital marketing experience to our Strategic Management Team. 


Matt Langdon

Matt is an Australian who went to work at a summer camp in Michigan for 3 months and ended up staying for 12 years and running the camp. He founded a series of HERO projects that develop young people as leaders and heroes, promoting his curriculum throughout the world, giving TED talks and planning conferences to collaborate with other hero-makers. He will be moving to Asunción this year and brings his vast experience in branding and promotion to our Strategic Management team.


Josh Perez

Josh is an currently a Community Health Volunteer in Paraguay and has an environmental science degree from Dartmouth. He has been a leader in many groups and organizations and brings his scientific training and background to the quantitative side of Superkids, as well as his qualitative experience. 


Ben Pitler

Ben has worked extensively around Human rights activism. His efforts have been focused primary in Lebanon and Egypt working with advocacy for marginalized communities and people. He will be starting an MBA program this year in Seattle and focusing on social justice on a corporate level. he is bringing his extensive experience in NGOs in grant writing, fundraising, social media campaigning, and more to our executive committee.


Lyla Shapiro

Lyla is an RPCV from Paraguay and served 2017-2019. She was part of the team that helped launch Superkids. Since then she has been a Program Trip leader with Rustic Pathways and will be an outdoor counselor in CA this spring as she applies for grad school in the fall. She brings her fundraising and change-making experience to our Growth and Development Team. 


Susan Turner-Lowe

Susan was a Peace Corps Paraguay volunteer in the 80’s and has been with the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in CA for the last 17 years. In her current role as the President of Communications and Marketing she has launched their social media and PR campaigns to new heights, and she brings this experience to our Strategic Management Team. She and her partner have adopted 2 little girls from N. Vietnam.


Libby Waterbury

Libby is an accountant at a digital marketing firm in CA and the owner-operator of a small sandwich shop. A mother of 3, she is passionate about education and wants to use her experience and MBA to help improve the situation for kids in Paraguay. She is bringing her digital marketing and design experience to our Strategic Management Team.



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Kid Quotes

“I’m a SuperKid.  I’m going to change the world when I grow up.  Maybe I’ll be president… or mayor!”

– Jhonny, age 10, Superkid