What do Girls have to Do With Ending Poverty?


As one of Latin America's least developed countries, Paraguay has a history of gender disparity, known as machísmo. 

According to UNICEF, two girls younger than 14 give birth in Paraguay every day.  

We Focus On Girl's Empowerment

We improve education, empower leaders, and increase gender parity.


Meet Orlando

Orlando is a Kid Teacher. He has also been a witness to domestic violence. 

With Superkids, Orlando has learned what it means to be an active bystander. When some of our young girls were catcalled by 7th graders, we talked to the kids about how to respond to gendered harassment. 

Girls were trained to get help and boys were trained to be an ally. Orlando couldn't image sitting back and watching his female peers in the fifth grade be harassed,

“Of course I would help, they’re my compañeras.

Superkids sets the bar of how boys and girls, men and women need to treat each other at school and in the workplace. 

Empowering Girls Promotes Equality &  Prevents Violence