The Superkids Life-Skills Development curriculum is proven to build...

Higher Self-Esteem

Kids get stronger by developing their social skills and a growth mindset.

Stronger Relationships

Kids build deeper social connections with peers, mentors, and community.

Increased Motivation

Kids develop plans for their futures and learn tools to stay in school.


A team of two Super-Teachers is connected with a school or community center where they work the whole school year.

We have an ever-evolving curriculum that uses theater, art, field trips, stories, games, videos, and sports to teach:  Life skills, Leadership and Literacy.
  • Superkids grow stronger

    Each class of fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-graders gets 1-2 classes every week covering Life Skills

    Self-Esteem,  Self-Awareness,  Listening,  Empathy,  Communication Skills,  Conflict Resolution,  Good Decisions,  Leadership,  Public Speaking,  Bullying,  Violence Prevention,  Study Skills,  Learning Styles,  Organization,  Test-Taking Skills,  Career Planning

  • Superkids believe

    Leadership Camps and Projects

    Summer and Winter day-camps help kids develop self-esteem, foster teamwork, and create new friendships.

    Super-Facilitators work with kids to do community projects and create new leaders.

  • Superkids literacy


    Our Super-Teachers work 1-on-1 with kids struggling with literacy.

    Our Teacher-Jr. Program trains kids who excel at reading how to tutor and help other kids.

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Keys to our success

  • Give kids a voice
    • Superkids has a Children's Board who makes sure the adults never lose sight of the true priority. The kids are given leadership roles and they live up to them.
  • Learn by doing
    • Everything is hands-on, active, and fun.
  • Not Yet policy
    • There is a cultural tendency in Paraguay to voice the negative, so Superkids has a Not Yet policy, which reflects our Growth Mindset. After anything that could be disempowering, we add YET. For example: I don't know how to read ... yet. He doesn't listen well. We haven't been able to reach him ... yet. But we are always determined to find a way.
  • Never work alone
    • We create sustainable development by working closely with both US and Paraguayan organizations.
      • PY: 20+ Paraguayan partner organizations including the local teacher’s college,  a Paraguayan Advisory Board of local community leaders, and a Paraguayan Children’s Board who can give us the real story.
      • US: the University of Washington and D-Prize, a Board of professionals who have all lived and worked in Paraguay.

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."

- Benjamin Franklin