Every Day Superheroes!

Our Kid Teachers are

Every Day Superheroes!

This past week we’ve seen stories of people all around the world stepping up as HEROES and taking care of each other!
In Paraguay, our KID TEACHERS work hard to be every day heroes for their community. We are running a fundraising campaign in celebration of Día de los Heroes, Heroes Day, in Paraguay.

Please consider donating to support our Kid Teachers as they start
another year of work, empowering the kids in their community!

#QuedateEnTuCasa #StayHome

When schools closed in Paraguay last week, the Kid Teachers decided to be leaders and launch a social media campaign to encourage their neighbors to stay safe and practice social distancing.

                     “Be an example for others”                   “I am a Superkid, I make the change”

Join our campaign! Tag us in photos of you being a leader by staying home! The Kid Teachers will be so excited to see the support!