Superkids Take a Super-Trip

Recently the Superkids took a trip to visit an indigenous tribe located in Punta Pora – a small community  located about 2 hours away from Coronel Oviedo in the department of Caaguazú. This was a big trip for the Superkids; for some of them, it was their first time riding a bus!

Despite having indigenous blood and being proud to speak Guarani, most of the Superkids had never visited their roots and know very little about the Indigenous culture. Before heading to Punta Pora, the chief of the community asked that the Superkids adapt to the way that they live because Indigenous peoples often need to adjust to the cultural norms of the city life when they visit. If they decided to curtsy and bow when greeting, then the Superkids would also curtsy and bow when greeting.

The children spent the day learning about a culture different from their own. They danced, they played, and most importantly they made connections.The ‘Kid-Teachers’ engaged in a Q&A session with their indigenous counterparts. Since most of our Superkids speak Guarani they were able to speak directly with the indigenous community and even translate between Spanish and Guarani for some of the American adults present. One Superkid asked why the indigenous children paint stripes on their cheeks and they responded by saying “to hide from the tiger, it’s our culture.” Later on we learned that their Spanish names that they told us when we first arrived weren’t their real names. Their real names were in Guarani, like 13 year old Ka’aguy Mimbi. Her name translates to Light of the Forest.

The Superkids had such an enriching experience visiting the Indigenous community, all leaving with a better sense of their country’s history and respect for the many indigenous communities that still exist there today.