Today We Celebrate Teachers!

This Teachers’ Day we wanted to celebrate the amazing influence that teachers have had on our lives and the amazing impact they will have on the children of tomorrow. Several of our staff, children and board members provided a little insight into who their favorite teachers were or why teaching is so important to them.

“My favorite teacher ever was Rav Yehudah Jayson. He challenged me to question my own beliefs and learn from any situation. But more than that, he was the first teacher who ever invested in my personal growth outside of the classroom, meeting with me during lunch breaks to provide coaching for me on my leadership potential. Before I met Rav Yehudah, I was afraid, always – and no one would have identified me as a leader. It was only after Rav Yehudah believed in me that I started believing in myself.” – Estee Katcoff, Founder & CEO

” For me, a good teacher is fun and teaches with joy. I like how Tiago (another Kid teacher) teaches, because he always makes animal sounds when he reads stories to his students. ” – Monica (10), Kid Teacher

“I went in to teaching because I truly believe in the immeasurable impact that teachers have on their students, both in and out of the classroom. I believe that a good education has a ripple effect, and that teachers truly shape the world around them” – Claire Stiglmeier, Board Member and Growth & Development Chair

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This quote is why I teach. I have seen how life changing access to quality education can be for a person, for a family, and for a community. Thank goodness for teachers who show up every day and fight for their students” – Tess Duffy, Board Member

“We must always be very funny and affectionate. I want to help children and adolescents who can not read to be better ” – Ambar (10), Kid Teacher

‘’I am very inspired to think that the children will remember that thanks to our help they learned a lot, that they will remember us like that”   – Verenice (11), Kid Teacher

“I teach because….Teaching is the multiplier effect at its finest. I learn from my students, my students learn from me, and -if I’m lucky- my students will use what they’ve learned to make our world better.”  – Audrey Wierda, Board Member

“My favorite teacher taught more than the subject. He taught me life lessons that I have carried with me wherever I have gone. He taught helped me how to become a better student of life.”  – Nicholas Warnecke, Board Member

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