Music to Our Ears

Because with songs, laughter and games, kids learn better. We have now given a concert series to 2400 kids!

Superkids recently completely their first concert tour in schools: Zulma Yolanda, Fray Teodoro, Costa Alegre, Nuestra Señora, Primero de Marzo, Brasilia and Juan Angel Benitez!

Kids heard totally original songs for the first time and we assure you, they are the new hit sensation among these seven elementary schools. Hits like, “I don’t want to shower” and “Lice” are being sung on playgrounds across the city.

Our Biggest Hit- El Perro Ladrón (the thieving dog)

Moments full of laughter, games, and cool surprises defined all the concerts we held, and the best part is that this is only the beginning! There are more activities, games and surprised to come because the Superkids Foundation is just getting started.

Estee, our Super-Founder, said about the concerts: “One of my favorite moments was when I started to sing the alphabet, and when I stopped they kept going and sang the whole thing! The smile that I saw on every child’s face meant so much to me. It was the best concert I have ever been to!”