Kickin’ Things Off!

Well, Super-Supporters, we are off to a great start for the 2018 school year!

Since arriving in Coronel Oviedo, Estee (our Super-Founder, the brains and brawn behind this whole operation) has kicked things off in a big way. This has included:

Interviewing and Hiring Super-Teachers – The application process was rigorous and included teaching spontaneous practice lessons and surprise interviews from both adults and children. In the end, we hired 5 amazing facilitators (2 pairs and one floater/substitute) who you can check out on our website. They are young, enthusiastic, driven, intelligent, and love kids!

Training Super-Teachers – The training for our 5 new Super-teachers was amazing! We had guest teachers from Teach for Mexico, Teach for Paraguay, The US Peace Corps, and the US Embassy make sure that it was the highest possible quality. It was an intense 2 weeks with heavy practice and role plays and they are ready to go!

Interviewing and Contracting Schools/Community Centers – schools and community centers from all over the area submitted applications and interviewed for the coveted position of working with Superkids for the year. We work with only the best of the best, so in the end, 3 schools and 1 community center were chosen.

This brings our total number of 4th -6th grade children reached to 600!

The schools agree to pay a small fee of 1000 Guaranies, or about 18 cents, per child per month for participation in the program. Their contribution is important for overall motivation and participation.

Training Schools – School support is very important for the long-term success of the program, so school administrators and teachers are also participating in a 4-hour training about the Superkids 5 C’s of effective teaching: Control, Clarity, Curiosity, Conversation, and Care.

Community Contributions – Coronel Oviedo has shown awesome gratitude and support for Superkids! They have donated money and supplies outside a local supermarket. Government departments like the Secretary of Childhood and the Secretary of Women have joined the cause. A local shop has given a monthly donation of a shopping spree which has been incredibly helpful for school supplies and materials!

Everything is going even better than we hoped, and we hope to keep these great accomplishments coming as the school year begins! Thank you so much for your continued support and we will keep you updated every step of the way.